Adjustable Acrylic T-Square Ruler for Perspective Drawing



This is a new Adjustable T-Square, with a ruler made of acrylic (700x55x4 mm / 27.6×2.2×0.2 inch), and one hardwood handle, both fabricated by Computer Controlled (Computer Numerical Control CNC) machinery and laser cut for high quality and precision.

This instrument has two functions, one for orthogonal projection as a T-square, and another one for conical projection with vanishing points perspective.

It helps you in development of spatial representation, reducing the workload and increase the accuracy in the construction of linear perspective drawing.

The Acrylic provides more durability, weight and stability on the drawing board.


The disassembling between handle and ruler brings you several advantages, as such:

  • T square adjustment at any angle
  • Symmetrical T square, for left and right-handed
  • Free rotation between handle and ruler for easier transportation and accommodation
  • Independent use of the ruler for perspective drawing


Technical details:

  • Handle cut off by Computer controlled machinery
  • Acrylic Ruler cut using Laser Computer controlled machinery
  • 70-cm / 27.6-Inch, acrylic ruler with hardwood handle
  • Plastic fittings made through injection molding
  • Fixation pin between the ruler and the handle
  • Rotation centers to be fixed on the drawing board with double-face sticking (samples included, one for each rotation center)
  • Six anti-sliding rubber cylinders embedded on the handle for a better gripping between handle and ruler
  • One M8 embedded nut on the handle


Package Includes six autonomous components:

  • 1 (one) Hardwood handle (transformed by CNC milling machine)
  • 1 (one) Acrylic Ruler (transformed by CNC laser cut)
  • 3 (three) Plastic Rotation center adapters
  • 1 (one) Fixation Pin


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Product designed and created under strict EU Quality rules and materials.

Made in Portugal (EU)


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